Your Legacy Starts Here!

I’m Kirstie, founder and creator of Legacy Nutrition.

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Legacy was formed in December 2016 based on an idea, an idea to truly help people get well and stay well.

I had been through my own diet and body image struggles over the years and thought every new diet out there was going to be IT, the 'magic pill' that was finally going to get me the body I had always wanted. I'd 'fail' time and time again,the self-loathing and disappointment would perpetuate, throwing me into the next 'magic pill' in a never ending exhausting and soul destroying cycle.


I woke up to the BS of mainstream media, I woke up to my own self created cycle, I woke up to the reasons around why I was on this never ending desperate search to force my body into an 'image' of what would make me acceptable, beautiful and enough in the eyes of others, and decided to get well.

 I stopped trying to 'fix' myself with these miracle cures, intermittent fast, or 5 day detoxes, and  learnt how to Heal and Nourish my body finding true and real health for good.


I am a qualified nutritionist helping fearless individuals and families, open their eyes to the same BS and truly get well, for themselves, for their families and start creating their very own Legacy.



  • Want to stop imagining the days when you will look and feel like yourself again?

  • Want a helping hand from someone who can take you from where you are now to where you want to be?

  • Want to let go of the dieting mentality and no longer be at the mercy of 'safe foods' endless exercise and living on calorie restriction?

  • Don't know what to eat anymore because of all the media BS, but want to find out?

  • Want to feel amazing kick ass and take names?

  • Want to learn how to nourish your body and care of your families health and well being?

  • Want to feel like you did before x happened to you?

  • Want to be back to the best version of you again?

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