Qualified Nutritionist

We all have different lifestyles and nutritional needs,
lets discover a healthy lifestyle that works for you


The Right Plan for You

Individual Consultation

We'll go through your history, deep dive into your current lifestyle situation, discover where you may be tripping up, come up with a plan on how we can improve health, wellbeing and lifestyle factors.

Couples Consultation

It's so much easier to make real and lasting change when we do it together! You'll get the same great service as the Individual consultation, but the added accountability and support of your partner which can make all the difference!

8 Week Transformation

This one is CUSTOMISED to you and your crew!
This is for besties, for couples for small groups of 6-10 people that are serious about there health and are ready to go after some life changing results...

Let food be thy Medicine and thy medicine food
— hippocrates
Fingerprint with electrical activity of the human heart

We are ALL so very individualised..

Diet and lifestyle are like life. What works for one person almost certainly doesn't work for another, even to the extent that it may have worked in the past, but is no longer working. This is because of our genes, our environments our internal belief systems as well as our health and lifestyles. There's more information out there than ever before, but yet we're more confused than ever. That's where I come in...

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Legacy Nutrition is dedicated to educating you and your family.

When I started this business, I wanted my clients to look and feel incredible. I wanted to truly teach people a healthy lifestyle, not just being a slave to a diet. I wanted to see meaningful and lasting changes that would impact not only them but the people around them, their families and the generations to come.

To leave a legacy.